Deer Fencing Fast: 7 Easy Steps To Find What You Need!

Deer fencing header imageDeer fencing header image

Step 1: Choose the Type of Fence You Need:

Determine the height of the deer fence you will need. Choose from heights of 4, 6, 6.5, or 7.5 feet and from mesh holes of 1.77-inch x 1.96-inch (best for deer), 1.75-inch x 2-inch (good for deer), or 0.75-inch x 1-inch (best for smaller animals). Make note of the height and mesh you need.

Step 2: Determine How Much Fencing You Will Need:

Measure the linear footage of the perimeter of the area you want to protect. Use a tape measure or a measuring wheel to get the total linear footage. Make note, and now you can choose the fencing you need.

Step 3: Determine How Many Posts You Will Need:

Calculate the total number of posts you will need by dividing the total linear footage by 20. You will need one drive cap for every 15-20 posts you use. Besides standard posts, we also provide corner/end posts that are conveniently available as a 2-pack kit.

Step 4: Determine How Much MonoFilament Line You Will Need:

Calculate the amount of monofilament line you will need by multiplying the total linear footage x 2. We recommend monofilament line to keep the mesh attached to the top and bottom of the fence. While you can use 12-gauge monofilament line for our standard flex fencing, we highly recommend the 8-gauge monofilament line for all sizes/types of mesh fencing we provide. Figure to need 7-8 self-locking ties for each post including corner, end and gate posts.

Step 5: Determine What and How Many Accessories You Will Need:

Add one round black tightener (#MIS1071) per line of monofilament wire per side. Therefore, 4 sides and 2 lines of monofilament wire per side translate to you needing 8 total tighteners. Use the sleeves (#DEE8082) to secure the monofilament wire on all corners and ends with 1 crimping tool (#DEE8039) to crimp all the sleeves.

Step 6: Determine the Number of Bottom Ground Stakes You Will Need:

Take the linear footage and divide it by 5 to know the quantity of bottom ground stakes you will need.

Step 7: Don't Forget the Access or Driveway Gates:

Check out the sizes of access and driveway gates to know what is available so you have easy access in and out of the deer fence.

It is that easy! Visit our Garden Fencing & Barriers category to see our full line of deer fencing products.