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Burlap Roll, 40in x 100ft

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Biodegradeable weed barrier under mulch. Cover seeds to increase germination. Lightweight frost protection. Silt fence for erosion control. Wrap tree roots when transplanting Wrap the bottom of a small tree trunk to protect it from field mice and rabbits. Cover compost in the fall and winter. Use as a tarp to pile yard debris on, dragfrom one place to another. Burlap has been a traditional gardening essential for generations because it is so strong, versatile, and economical. Natural burlap is tear resistant and stands repeated wetting and drying with minimum loss of durability. We have always sold the finest quality heavy-weight burlap that is untreated to be safe for the environment and biodegradeable. The uses for this quality material is only limited to your imagination. Stock up now for this growing season. 40in wide x 100ft long. 15 lbs.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • 100' x 40" untreated roll, 7 ounce burlap. Overall weight is 15 lbs. Natural color.
Product Features
  • Untreated burlap
  • Heavyweight jute fabric
  • Sold by the roll
Product Benefits
  • Maximum quality and performance
  • Great for a wide variety of tasks
  • Untreated burlap biodegrades naturally over time
  • Safe for the environment
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