Bloom Master Cascading Hanging Basket, 11.5in, 16 Openings



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Technologically advanced 11in hanging baskets provide your plants with the conditions they need to grow beyond maturity and thrive all season long. More soil volume than typical hanging baskets means that these containers stay moist longer (so you can water less frequently). The side openings in Bloom Master hanging baskets allow for incredible design flexibility and provide more oxygen to the root system for healthier plants. For a full look fill every opening with plants, or choose a few to remain unfilled. Due to the unique design, potting mix* will not wash out of planted or unplanted openings, you don't even need to cover them with moss! Create an impressive look by placing the 11in basket on a stand - the flowers will cascade down the sides. Versatile, easy-care planters are made of high quality polypropylene that will last for many seasons. See what a spectacular display you can create with Bloom Master! *Do not use potting soil; use a soil-less potting mix. We recommend fertilizing every 7-10 days with a good water-soluble fertilizer like Jack's general purpose or Blossom Booster.

Product Information


  • Outside diameter 12.5" at top, 7 and 7/8" at bottom
  • Inside diameter 11" at top, tapers to 7" inside bottom
  • 10" deep
  • Openings are 1 and 7/8" across, sixteen total on the pot
  • Has drain holes on the bottom

Product Features

Includes a four-strand hanger Suggested plants and flowers: Wave Petunias, Cascade Petunias, Verbona, Million Bells, Bacopa, White or Gold Star Zinnias, Sweet Potato Vine, Varigated Swedish Ivy, Impatiens, Lobelia, Coleus, Geraniums, Nemesia, Dianthus, Bidens, Charlies Some vegetable suggestions: Tomatoes, Peas, Beans, Herbs of all kinds, Strawberries


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QUESTION: You recommend "potting mix" rather than soil. What is meant by a "potting mix", and do you have any recommendations? ANSWER: "Potting mix" is not traditional soil, but rather a mix of growing media such as shredded bark, compost, peat moss, vermiculite, perlite, etc that offers good nutrients and drainage for plants. Our Biocomp BC2P is a good example. Other brands we don't carry but you may find in a local garden center are: Schultz Professional, Premier Pro-Mix, Sun-Gro Metro Mix, Fafard Growing Mix, and Fafard Lightweight Mix