Bloem Easy Pour Watering Can, 2.6 Gallon



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Side filling hole means you don't spill water when you fill up!

This watering can offers both capacity and control. It holds 2.6 gallons (9.8 liters) yet is easy to carry and pour because of its unique handle design. Dual handles accommodate multiple hand positions. The hinged handle enables two-handed pouring for better maneuverability and control. The watering can spout rotates for adjustable flow control, from a gentle shower to a steady stream. In addition, the filling hole is located on the side so the handles don't get in the way, making it easier to fill.

Product Information


  • Holds 2.6 gallons
  • Fill-hole is 2 and 1/2" wide
  • Rose face is 4 and 1/4" wide
  • All poly construction

Product Features

  • Hinged handle makes pouring easier
  • Rotating spout for gentle shower or plant soaking
  • Side located filling hole makes filling easier

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    Overall Rating: 4/5

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    from ME

    Nice idea, but...


    I've been using this watering can for several weeks now. It's a great idea and I like the side fill feature. The spout is a whole other matter, though... There's no way to pour water out of the small holes without having it pour out of the large hole as well. I've put duct tape over the large hole, which helps but isn't very elegant. I've also had the whole spout piece fall off a few times when I am watering. I may resort to duct taping that on as well. So I've been disappointed in this product overall.

    from OR

    Great product


    Easy to use, good design.

    from PA

    Great versatility


    I bought this watering can hoping that it would make it easier to water my plants. I love the fact that you can change the type of flow you desire. The only downside is that it holds a lot of water and it can still be heavy when you have many plants.

    from WI

    Purchased two...


    The bucket portion is engineered well, but the orange watering disk on the end keeps popping off both cans that I purchased. Very frustrating, especially when trying to water seedlings or delicate plants.

    from CA

    Fiskars Watering Can Gusher


    Pouring out of the sprinkler spout is hard to do in a controlled manner. It suddenly gushes out, then when you lift to stop pouring it trails off slowly in a fairly heavy stream. You have to be careful using it for new sprouts and small areas. For the price it should work better. On a positive note, the handle works pretty well for tipping without strain and it holds quite a bit of water.

    from NJ

    Interesting design


    This watering can is inovative but I've had some problems with it. The orange diffuser comes off easily as does the movable handle. Fiskars is a good line but this product could be improved.

    from CO

    Nice but missing an obvious feature


    This is a quality product except 2.6 gallons is an odd amount and it really needs some markings on the side to help determine how much water is in the container if mixing with anything else. Don't know how they missed that one since it is standard on even the cheap styles at most stores. It pours nicely and is easy to hold.

    from MD

    Outstanding Watering Can


    Overall it works very well. Only thing it doesn't have is a way to determine how much water is in it when mix in plant food additives. A molded in sight gage graduated in quarts would be a good improvement. Now you have to mix in another container or guestimate.

    from TX

    Fiskars Watering Can


    I chose this can because I trust Fiskars products and was intrigued by the design. The small fill hole keeps water inside while transporting and the removable spout provides alternatives to a fixed spout.


    Almost great.


    We use this watering can in our business. The design is good, especially the dual tip. The filler hole needs to be larger. The orange tip keeps falling off in the truck with other tools. Finally if you fill it to the brim, you have to be careful to pour slowly or your shoes get a good watering!

    from MN

    My go to watering can


    This can ranks right up there with my old Rubbermaid watering can. It's well balanced and easy to pour from and easy to fill. Holds a generous amount of water. I have looked for a long time to find a lightweight can that is well balanced.

    from NY

    The Fiskars watering can .


    The Fiskars watering can is a delight to use. It is light even when full. The variability of the pour spout is the best I've seen. You can regulate the force and amount of water you arre using. It is wonderful tool for the gardiner.

    from IL

    Great watering cans


    I bought two and use them daily. They are well balanced and I like the gentle spray and the option to pour. I wish they had a larger capacity but 2.5 gals is a good haul for most. I use them for prairie resoration work as well as in my home vegetable garden. I must say I have used many fiskars products and have not been disapointed yet. I especially like the fact that they are made in USA. Keep up the good work.

    from MS

    Good product???????????


    Love the size of this can. Goes under the foliage easily. The adjustable neck leaks.

    from TN

    Does it all


    This watercan is all you need for both gentle and /or quick filling. It does all it says it does and very well. The only thing I would change would be to enlarge the filler opening for easier adding of fertilizers etc.

    from CA

    Good Idea...


    This watering can was thoughtfully designed. The two handles are great and there is even a spot to fill the can. The gentle shower is good, however, the soaking side tends to dribble down the watering head when the can is full.

    from VA

    A better watering can


    The swinging handle is the best part of this watering can. It is so much easier to carry, particularly when full. I actually had my neighbor see me carry it and lean over the fence to ask where I had gotten this. The reversible spout is handy, an easy turn and you go from sprinkler to straight pour. This part is a bit flimsy in my opinion and I think it comes off to easily from the spout proper, but overall this is the best garden watering can I've owned.

    from GA

    Easy to carry


    The two handles make it easy to carry & one has an adjustable angle.

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