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Bare Grounds Coyote Scent Recharge

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Humanely repels deer and small mammals!

Hunters and trappers have long used predator scent to aid in capturing their quarry. Bare Grounds Coyote Scent is an all-natural product that contains coyote urine. This urine emits a scent that triggers the flight response in deer and many small animals. This is an 8-ounce bottle of scent recharge.

Bare Grounds Coyote Scent helps repel small animals away from your property. It is especially useful for preventing rabbits and other small rodents from entering your garden or flower beds. This product is perfect for recharging your Just Scentsational Scentry Stones. You can also use it without a scentry stone to mark off an area. To use, apply around the perimeter of the impacted area. Repeat the application every couple weeks, or after heavy rains.

Predator urine is an organic, humane way to deter deer and other small mammals. This product will not harm your pets, farm animals, plants, or any other wildlife!


Product Information

Product Specs
  • Volume (ounces): 8
  • Contents: Coyote urine
Product Features
  • Predator scent recharge
  • Contains 100% meat-fed coyote urine
  • All-natural product
Product Benefits
  • A 100% organic and humane way to deter common garden pests
  • Triggers the flight response in prey animals
  • Safe for pets, farm animals, plants, and other wildlife
  • Time-proven method for animal control
  • Perfect for recharging your Just Scentsational Scentry Stones or use by itself
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