Bahco® Vertical Cutting Action Lawn Edging Shears



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Ship Weight 3.70 lbs
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Precision edging with no bending!

Bahco makes top quality professional lawn shears with your choice of horizontal or vertical cutting action. Xylan coated, anti-rust blades are ideal for cutting around trees, borders, edges, etc. Self-adjusting pivot bolt. 5 year guarantee. Wt 5 lb.Vertical action edging shear 7 1/2" blades, 33" handles, overall length 37".

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Fully hardened double beveled blade, black Xylan coating, straight cutting edge, blade length 7 1/2in., plastic buffer, handle length 33in., overall length 37in., self adjusting pivot bolt, weight 5lbs.


Manufacturer supplies a 5 year guarantee.

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from OH

Back-Saving Edger


Purchased to make a very clean cut on the grass edging the cement drive; worked like a charm - very sharp, easy to operate, beautiful end result and no bending over.

from VA



I am not a fan of power weed wackers or edgers, I usually end up getting cut by the line or have problems with tangling line etc. The Bahco long handled edger may take a little more time to use, and it took me a little while to get used to but I really like it, it does more precision work and I can enjoy edging outside without all the noise.

from VA

Best Edge Trimmer Yet


This trimmer works incredibly well, better than I expected. It is easy to use, stays sharp and lets you trim standing up, a big plus. Just brush it off after use and coat it with WD-40 to keep the blades clean and rust-free.

from NC

Banco Long Handled Edging Shear


I am a Englishman who now lives in N.C. and I wanted some really good shears like my father used to use back home in the U.K. where long handled shears are very popular. I originally bought a long handled edger from a different well known manufacturer and they only lasted a couple of weeks before they became unusable. The handles even came away from the shears.I sent them back and the company returned a new edger but once again it didn't hold out. It was flimsy to say the least.I didnt expect this from such a well known brand. I eventually ordered a Banco Long handled edging shear and I have been so happy with them. They feel very solid and strong and do such a great job. I would recommend these shears to anyone and everyone. If you are in the market for some new edgers then you need look no further. They are a must buy.

from VT

Excellent finishing tool


I have three of these edgers, for two properties with many raised bed border gardens. They are excellent to create beautiful neat borders and they can be professionally sharpened. They are also very tough. I have owned the same pairs for over ten years. I highly recommend them!