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Avenger Ag Non Selective Post Emergent Organic Herbicide 1 Gallon

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Organic-OMRI rated, fast, effective herbicide weed killer!

This post-emergent, non-selective weed killer contains d-limonene and surfactants. It kills annual bluegrass, dandelions, clover, crabgrass, bermudagrass, sow thistle, bindweed, johnsongrass, shepards purse, and little mallow. We are sorry for the inconvenience! This product CANNOT BE SHIPPED TO AK.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • 1-gallon concentrate
  • Active ingredient is d-Limonene. The concentrate also has Castor oil
Product Features
  • Clean citrus scent
  • Safe around animals after it has dried
  • Does not stain brick, concrete or pavement
  • Fast acting - visible results in 2 hours or less and as effective as synthetic herbicides
  • Highly biodegradable, dissipates quickly
  • Works in cool/cloudy conditions (as low as 40? F)
  • Sprayed areas can be planted within hours
  • OMRI listed and approved use in organic production or organic gardening by the USDA National Organics Program
  • EPA registered
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