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Al's Original Flower Pouch 10 Slit

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Increase your profits with Al's Flower Pouch 10 Slit

These are the original, time tested pouches that ensure the success you expect. The slits are precut to save time, are spaced to maximize coverage, and are on one side of the bag for easy shipping. The patented handle is fused to increase strength to over 11 mil so it will not stretch or become brittle. Available in three sizes including the original 10 slit (8in. x 20in.) that allows for great coverage, the 5 slit (8in. x 20in.) that is designed for larger or premium plugs, and the Mini-pouch that has 6 slots (8 1/4in. x 12 1/2in.), designed for growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Bundle of 5.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Product Name: Al's Original Flower Pouch 10 Slit
  • Slits: 10
  • Bag Dimensions (Size): 8" x 20"
  • Patented Handle Strength: Over 11 mil
  • Handle: Fused
  • Slit Placement: One side of bag
  • Slit Spacing: Maximizes coverage
  • Pre-cut Slits: Saves time
  • Variations: Available in three sizes - 10 slit, 5 slit, and Mini pouch
  • Bundle: Bundle of 5
  • Intended Use (for Mini pouch): Growing vegetables, herbs, and for growers using 15in. shipping carts
Product Warranty Information

  • This product is covered under A.M. Leonard's exclusive 30-Day Down to Earth Guarantee. Click Here for more Details.
Product Features
  • Original, time-tested pouches
  • 10 pre-cut slits for maximum coverage
  • Precut slits save time
  • One-sided slits for easy shipping
  • Fused patented handle for strength (11 mil)
  • Available in 3 sizes (10 slit, 5 slit, and Mini)
  • Bundle of 5
Frequently Asked Questions
What are Al's Original Flower Pouches?
Al's Original Flower Pouches are a type of garden container designed to promote plant growth and maximize coverage. They come with precut slits for easy planting and are available in different sizes.

What are the features of Al's Flower Pouch 10 Slit?
Al's Flower Pouch 10 Slit comes with precut slits that are spaced to maximize coverage. It has a fused handle that increases strength and prevents stretching and brittleness. It measures 8" x 20" and is designed for optimal coverage.

What sizes do Al's Original Flower Pouches come in?
Al's Original Flower Pouches come in three sizes: the original 10 slit (8" x 20"), the 5 slit (8" x 20") designed for larger/plugs, and the Mini pouch that has 6 slots (8 1/4" x 12 1/2") that is ideal for growing vegetables, herbs, etc.

What benefits do Al's Original Flower Pouches offer?
Al's Original Flower Pouches offer many benefits such as easy planting with precut slits, maximum coverage with spaced slits, and a patented handle that prevents stretching and brittleness. They allow for optimal plant growth and can help increase profits for growers.

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