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Acephate PRO 97 Systemic Insecticide 1 lb Bag

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Economical, low odor and controls over 125 insects!

PRO 97 is a water-soluble insecticide readily absorbed by plant roots and foliage for systemic control of feeding insects. As insect pests are generally better controlled through ingestion, this systemic is highly effective. This is a cost-efficient, low odor insecticide that controls over 125 different insects and can be used in crop and non crop areas for agricultural, nursery, greenhouse, turf, ornamental and professional uses. With broad label uses, it is very economical to use. Repeat application only as label directs. 1 lb bag.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Active ingredient: 97% Acephate
  • Water soluble powder
  • Sold in 1 lb bags
Product Features
  • Same as Orthene
  • Can be used in a variety of crops including nursery stock, fruit trees, container stock, ground covers, florals etc.
  • Controls a variety of insects such as aphids, bagworms, moth larvae, leafhoppers, beetles, thrips, whiteflies etc.
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