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We the Wild 3-in-1 Plant Care Essentials Kit

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The essentials you need to grow, protect, and enrich your plants!

Elevate your plant care routine with the We the Wild Essential 3-in-1 Plant Care Kit, the ultimate solution for thriving plants. This comprehensive kit includes the Grow Concentrate for promoting rapid growth, Protect Spray with Neem for tackling plant issues effectively, and Enrich Powder for strengthening roots and improving soil quality. Easy-to-follow instructions ensure that your plants receive the TLC they deserve, resulting in lush foliage and resilient roots. Embrace the A B C of plant care and watch your greenery flourish with this essential kit.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Includes: Grow Concentrate: 8 fl oz (236mL)
  • Includes: Protect Spray: 17 fl oz (500mL)
  • Includes: Enrich Powder: 14 oz (400g)
  • Grow Concentrate: Use every time you water by adding ¼ tsp per quart (32 fl oz) of water.
  • Protect Spray: Shake well and mist your leaves every 2 weeks, or more often if there's an active issue.
  • Enrich Powder: Sprinkle onto top soil before every watering, or through soil when repotting.
Product Features
  • Grow Concentrate: Full of microbes for vigorous growth. 8 fl oz (236mL)
  • Protect Spray: Neem with microbial blend for tough issues. 17 fl oz (500mL)
  • Enrich Powder: Earthworm-made root builder. 14 oz (400g)
  • A B C Plant Care: Fast growth, healthy leaves, strong roots
  • Easy to Use: Simple instructions for each product
  • Effective Results: Promotes plant health and resilience
  • Professional Quality: Trusted by landscaping professionals
Frequently Asked Questions
1. How does the Grow Concentrate in the Wild Essential 3 IN 1 Plant Care Kit promote plant growth?
The Grow Concentrate is full of microbes that aid in promoting vigorous plant growth by providing essential nutrients and improving soil health.

2. What is the Protect Spray included in the Wild Essential 3 IN 1 Plant Care Kit used for?
The Protect Spray, containing Neem and a special microbial blend, helps in addressing plant issues like pests and diseases, ensuring the overall health of your plants.

3. How can the Enrich Powder in the Wild Essential 3 IN 1 Plant Care Kit benefit plant roots and soil?
The Enrich Powder, created by earthworms, serves as an excellent root builder and soil conditioner, enhancing root development and improving the quality of the soil.

4. What are the recommended usage instructions for each product in the Wild Essential 3 IN 1 Plant Care Kit?
Grow Concentrate: Add ¼ tsp per quart of water every time you water.
Protect Spray: Mist leaves every 2 weeks or more frequently if issues persist.
Enrich Powder: Sprinkle on top soil before watering or mix into soil during repotting.

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