24in Floating Rain Gauge



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A New Twist On A Classic Device

The World's Coolest Rain Gauge uses a highly visible, blue polycarbonate fluid indicator that rises to show water accumulation, making it easy to see the amount of rainfall even from a distance up to 5.5 inches. For the most accurate measurement, place the rain gauge at least 20 feet from any obstruction. Empty the flute after taking your reading. Body is made from copper-colored resin and 1/4 inch powder coated steel. Made in the USA. 24 inch Stake Mount Gauge is tall enough to stand above most flowers for a good view, measuring 2in x 24in.

Product Information


  • 1/4" powder coated steel stake
  • Indestructible polycarbonate measurement tube
  • Custom-molded copper-colored resin body
  • Made in the USA

Product Features

  • Usable: The measurement tube is clearly marked in 1/4" increments and measures up to 5.5" of water.
  • Visible: The measurement tube floats up so you can read it from a distance, just by observing how much of the tube is showing.
  • Durable: The World's Coolest Rain Gauge is unbreakable and safe to leave outside all year round.
  • Sustainability: All of the components are recyclable.
  • Proud: These rain gauges are made entirely in the USA from parts sourced from small businesses within a 100 mile radius to the up state New York manufacturer.

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