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Adjustable Metal Leaf Rake, Telescopic Metal Tube Handle

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Maximize Efficiency and Comfort with Adjustable Telescopic Steel Leaf Rake

The Telescopic Steel Leaf Rake is the ultimate solution for effortless yard clean-up. No more bending or straining your back with its adjustable handle, extending from 31 to 63 inches. The 15-tine rake head can expand from 7 to 22 inches wide, tackling any leaf-filled area with ease. Made from strong and high-grade aluminum and steel, this lightweight rake is built to last for years. It's perfect for maneuvering around your garden and tight spaces. Plus, the long reach ensures the healthiest environment for your lawn. With its adjustable features and compact design, this versatile rake makes yard work a breeze.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Type: Telescopic Steel Leaf Rake
  • Rake Head: 15 tine
  • Rake Head Width: Adjustable from 7” to 22”
  • Handle Length: Adjustable from 31” to 63”
  • Adjustment Mechanism: Twist handle clockwise to adjust length
  • Maneuverability: Light and maneuverable
  • Material: Strong and high-grade steel structure
  • Long Reach: 63 inches handle length
  • All-Purpose: Suitable for all raking needs
  • Easy Storage: Handle can be abridged and hung up to save space
Product Features
  • Telescopic Steel Leaf Rake
  • 15 tine Rake head with Adjustable width from 7” to 22”
  • Extendable handle for overall length from 31” to 63”
  • The rake can adjust overall length from 31 to 63 inches by twisting the handle clockwise, you don’t have to lean over the yard again. Rake head can expand from 7 to 22 inches.
  • This leaf rake is very light and maneuverable around your garden and in tight spaces where leaves tend to collect. It can be last for years with strong and high-grade steel structure.
  • Long Reach: The long 63 inches handle will save your back when you clean up your yard, and create the healthiest environment for your lawn, your grass and soil need to breathe and receive water.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. How long can the Telescopic Steel Leaf Rake extend to?
The Telescopic Steel Leaf Rake can extend from 31 inches to 63 inches in overall length.

2. What is the adjustable width of the rake head?
The rake head of the Telescopic Steel Leaf Rake can adjust from 7 inches to 22 inches in width.

3. Is the Telescopic Steel Leaf Rake lightweight and maneuverable?
Yes, the Telescopic Steel Leaf Rake is very light and maneuverable, making it easy to use in tight spaces and around your garden.

4. What is the benefit of the long handle?
The long 63-inch handle of the Telescopic Steel Leaf Rake saves your back and allows you to reach farther when cleaning up your yard.

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