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Tidy Tray with Shelf

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Tidy up your gardening with the Tidy Tray

The Tidy Tray with Shelf is the ultimate essential for all your gardening needs. Crafted from durable recycled plastic, this tough two-piece potting tray and shelf ensures a tidy workspace and eliminates the mess from your gardening chores. Its tray's versatile design allows you to conveniently bring your garden work indoors, whether in the garage or as a play station for kids. The shelf fits securely on the top rim of the Tidy Tray and provides 3 recessed pockets to hold accessories and tools. With its spacious dimensions of 24 1/2" long, 22" wide, and 8" high, this tray provides ample room for all your gardening materials. Supplier color change - this item is now available in black only

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Material: Recycled plastic
  • Tray Dimensions: 24 1/2 inch long, 22 inch wide, 8 inch high
  • Shelf Dimensions: 24 1/2 inch long, 6.25 inch wide, 1.5 inch high
Product Features
  • Two-piece construction keeps gardening chores tidy
  • Shelf fits securely on the top rim of the Tidy Tray
  • Can be used inside or outside to bring garden work inside with no mess
  • Perfect for use in the garage or as a play station for kids
  • Made from recycled plastic, environmentally friendly
  • Measures 24 1/2 inches long by 22 inches wide by 8 inches high
  • Durable and tough design, built to withstand heavy use
  • An essential garden accessory for growing and landscaping professionals
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the Tidy Tray?
The Tidy Tray is a tough one-piece potting tray that is designed to keep gardening chores tidy. It can be used indoors or outdoors, making it a versatile garden accessory.

2. How does the Tidy Tray help with gardening tasks?
The Tidy Tray helps by providing a designated space for potting and other gardening activities. By containing the mess and soil within the tray, it prevents dirt and debris from spreading around, keeping your work area clean and organized.

3. Where can the Tidy Tray be used?
The Tidy Tray can be used in various locations. It is ideal for use in a garage where you can easily clean up after gardening tasks. Additionally, it can be used as a play station for kids, allowing them to explore gardening and nature in a clean and controlled environment.

4. What are the dimensions of the Tidy Tray?
The Tidy Tray measures 24 1/2 inches in length, 22 inches in width, and 8 inches in height. Its spacious design provides ample room for potting plants and carrying out other gardening activities.

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