Leonard Classic Full Strap Spade

Leonard Classic Full Strap Spade

One of the strongest spades on the market and made in the USA!

Leonard is proud to bring back the Full Strap Nursery Spade to the market, and improve upon this favorite. Modern advancements in mechanical digging equipment impacted the demand for this tool over the past few years, but our 2010 initiative, which evolved from customer feedback, taught us that this tool is still in demand by professionals across the country.Lifetime warranty.

We are glad to make the investment required to retool this spade so we can continue to offer one of the strongest tools in the market, which has added features of great balance and a shock absorbing wood core handle.

Though hard to improve upon a tool that has served the industry so well since the early 1900's, we focused upon 3 areas:
  • Stronger D-grip and top strap connection! New single directional rivet holds top strap and metal D-grip, eliminating a side D-grip rivet from the previous model. Less holes/rivets at this connection improve overall strength.

  • Increased turn step size! Not too large to interfere with the job, but a moderate increase to alleviate foot strain and to accommodate a footpad if desired.

  • Increased bevel of cutting edge! No need to sharpen blade once received. We added the best angle to offer sharp cutting while maintaining a durable edge.

  • Plus this classic spade includes these features: a strong, one-piece welded metal D-grip with full-through rivet at grip; single directional rivet holds straps and D-grip, increasing strength; shock-absorbing American Ash handle core; heavy gauge rivets bond metal to wood for unmatched strength; larger turned steps reduce foot fatigue and are compatible with our #AMFP foot pad; blade is beveled to optimum angle to offer sharpness and durability.
AND, it's made locally, here in the USA! That means made with American steel, stamped and constructed by skilled local fabricators.

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  • Blade length 13in
  • Blade tapers 7 1/4in. to 6in
  • Full Strap design
  • Handle length 27in
  • Blade lift 2in
  • Weight 7lb


A.M. Leonard, Inc. warrants all its tools identified with the "A.M. Leonard Lifetime Warranty" to be free from material defects for the life of the tool.


QUESTION: What is the meaning of full strap? ANSWER: The strap on the Leonard spades refers to a strap of metal which is placed along the front and back of the handle which adds to its strength. Full strap means the metal runs along the complete length of handle.

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars Nursery Spade

from IL wrote :

Best nursery spade made.

5 Stars Old classic is indestructible

from NC wrote :

I bought 2 of the classic about 20 years ago, and they have indispensable almost any time I do heavy digging -- and useful for all sorts of other tasks. If the new design is even better, I may be compelled to invest in 2 more!

5 Stars Leonard Classic Full Strap Spade

from VA wrote :

have bought many spades in the last 5 years from various manufacturers and i will say this is the finest i have ever owned,now make the same in a full strap shovel.

5 Stars digging spade

from OH wrote :

I have three of these dating back to the 1950's still solid after 40 years of being used to dig trees & shrubs, working like new, occasionally sharpen edge with file. They are priceless.

5 Stars generational

from OH wrote :

unlike any spade you,ll find in a store. This will cut smaller roots and the mass makes it easy. If you break this shovel that was your goal. wont buckle, cuts easily, will out live me. Love it.

5 Stars Awesome tool

from IL wrote :

I waited a year for this spade to be reintroduced and it was well worth the wait. It feels like a heavy duty spade should....it will last forever.

5 Stars very good

from KY wrote :

I like am leonard spade i think thay r the best spade thay r i do landscpaing every day an i all ways use am leonard tools

5 Stars worth every penny

from OH wrote :

I have approx 12 a 13 m spades with the oldet being stamped 1963. I think of all of theese i have changed 2 handles. deffinatley worth every penny

5 Stars its back

from NJ wrote :

grateful you brought it back. i bought the 48inch and a replacement 27 inch handle and made my own to carry me over.the wood takes some of the umf.

5 Stars The best horticultural spade anywhere...

from OH wrote :

I have used this spade for my whole working life, and have worn down many of them. After trying a couple others when I borrowed them from other people, nothing compares to the comfort, weight, and durability of this spade. Lighter all-steel and plastic composite spades are junk! They make you work harder, the result is inferior, my joints hurt much more at the end of the day, and I cannot work as long in a day. Other spades have an improper blade angle, the handles are ergonomically poor, and they must have been designed by people who never used them. I hope Leonard keeps this spade in perpetuity. It is truly a professional grade tool. Every time a landscape customer sees this spade, they ask me to get them one. Why pay for plastic or tube steel when you could have this wonderful heavy steel spade for only a fraction more? It's superior ability to tackle virtually any horticultural work with ease is well worth every penny!

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Leonard Classic Full Strap Spade Leonard Classic Full Strap Spade Leonard Classic Full Strap Spade Leonard Classic Full Strap Spade Leonard Classic Full Strap Spade