Foldable Garden Kneeler Seat with Pouch
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Foldable Garden Kneeler Seat with Pouch

Use as a kneeler with grip bars to help you get up, or flip over for a versatile bench!

Your back and knees will truly appreciate the comfort this product provides. Both sides are cushioned with comfortable, non-absorbent, poly foam pads. Sturdy steel frame with tough powder coated finish and 3/4 inch foam for long life. Spring action legs/handlebars lock securely into place. Seat is 16.5in W, 6.75in D and 19.5in H. Folds flat for convenient storage.

Weighs only 8 lbs so it's easy to lift and carry, but holds up to 300 lbs. Ideal for arthritis sufferers. Keep your tools handy on your bench with the garden pouch. Polyester canvas with two pockets to hold garden tools.

7.400000 lbs
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  • Consists of 1786FG kneeler and POUCH garden pouch

Review Summary (Based on 20 Reviews)

Customer Reviews

5 Stars A True Gardener's Helper!

from NJ wrote :

I'm so glad I purchased this product because it's a real back-saver, knee-saver & best of all extremely convenient. I love it!

5 Stars Kneeling 'Heaven'

from NJ wrote :

Just received my garden kneeler & pouch today. What an unbelievable RELIEF. Fantastic for potting plants when flipped over to the bench side & absolutely terrific when flipped over to the kneeling side. The lift bars helps give one that bit of a boost to get up. The pouch which attaches is quite convenient for the needed tools at hand. Wish I ordered this sooner, but hey, better late than never! Do your back & knees a favor & order one. Plus GE has the best price around for this item. Just want to say thank you Gardeners rock!

5 Stars Garden Kneeler and Pouch

from DE wrote :

Excellent product-- Well constructed-- Performs as advertised.

5 Stars great for older citizens

from NY wrote :

I bought this for my 80 year old sister who is an avid gardener. She loves it with the kneeling part low to ground in order to use the supports to help her return to standing. It was a Christmas present and she loves it. She even lets my brother-in-law use it as well!

5 Stars why I bought it.

from OK wrote :

I have trouble getting up from my knees, and the bench turned upside down gives me the leverage I need. I actually use it in the house, doing housework. It is a lifesaver for someone with limited agility.

4 Stars Very good unit

from WY wrote :

Comfortable and very nice to use ONCE you can get it open. The springs are very stiff!!

5 Stars Garden Kneeler

from WA wrote :

I had total knee replacement,and thought my gardening days were over. I bought a garden kneeler. It changed how I could garden. I can sit and weed, plant and harvest wiih ease. I have learned how to kneel again, using an additional garden pad. I am a large woman, and the kneeler is built so well, I have total confidence in it. I bought one for my daughter!

5 Stars All in one bench

from UT wrote :

We (my wife and I are both 75 years old) have used the bench as a sit on and a kneel on and find it to be great. The kneel position is especially useful when we have to get up on our feet because the side "handles" provide us with the help we need to get up.

4 Stars Garden Bench and Kneeler

from MI wrote :

I really like being able to kneel and use the handles to stand when finished. Also, sitting to work in the garden is helpful. Perhaps a wider seat (obviously a personal problem!) would help; and I found it difficult to close the handles. With the tool pouch, I am very happy to have my cellphone, water bottle and hand tools within reach!!!

5 Stars

from MD wrote :

I am 68 yrs old and I can't kneel down without going thru a lot of pain when I get up. I have arthritis in both of my knees and not much of my cartilage is left. With the kneeler I can get up with very little pain. I use it in my garden and for chores around the house. I am very pleased with it and would recommend it to anyone with bad knees.


from MD wrote :

Having had hip replacement surgery, I bought it to enable me to weed in my garden. In the open position, legs down, it is fine, and enables me to kneel and then stand again. However, the kneeling pad is a bit hard after a while, and it is very difficult, and most times impossible, for me to fold down the legs. As a result, I keep it in the open position, as a seat, and it cannot be stored as I would like. I would probably not have bought it, if I had been aware of these two problems.

5 Stars Garden kneeler and bench

from OR wrote :

I love to garden and the kneeler has let me continue to work in the garden. It is well built and strong. The cushion is just right for your knees and conviently turns over to make a stable bench.

5 Stars Garden kneeler bench

from MI wrote :

This bench suits all ages in our garden. My bad knees appreciate the cushioned pad to kneel on when weeding and the side supports for getting up. Everyone uses it as a bench, especially when working on the water barrel gardens. We have two. Durable product. Good construction.

4 Stars garden bench and kneeler

from CO wrote :

When kneeling, it is nice to have handles to help you get up. Use caution when used as a bench as it can tip over backwards. I make sure nothing is behind me in case I go over so I will have a soft landing. I use mostly as a bench, but also as a kneeler.


from MI wrote :


5 Stars Makes bending over unnecessary

from CT wrote :

The handy tool pouch that comes with the bench is the bonus. Easy to use sitting or kneeling.

5 Stars Garden Bench/Kneeler

from MI wrote :

I purchased the Garden Bench/Kneeler because I liked the idea of having support when getting up from a kneeling position. Since I received it a couple of weeks ago I have used it many times for doing time-consuming tasks on shorter perennials. It has really saved my back! A little instruction as to how to fold it back up might be a nice thing, as my husband had to figure that out for me.

5 Stars A sturdy, comfortable, and practical garden kneeler

from WV wrote :

I bought the kneeler to replace another which tended to collapse when used on a slight slope. This product solved the problem. I've used it for many garden chores. Very stable and comfortable.

3 Stars FIX--Garden Bench/Kneeler

from IL wrote :

The concept of this product is wonderful. I bought it to aid with my gardening while dealing with arthritis in my back/knees/hips. It helps to get up/down while weeding on my knees, there are always weeds to pull! My criticism is the padding that comes apart from the center piece of wood, the wood split. The wood looked like a cheap grade of pine, almost like a balsa wood. I communicated with Gardeners Edge who blew me off. Because I had purchased it in March, used it in May/June the 30 days to return were past. My fix was to use duct tape to wrap the foam around the kneeling/seat frame. It worked except as the tape moved, it would leave me with sticky knees! I guess my only option is to purchase a new one each year and tape it before the wood splits!

Gardeners Edge responds: We're greatly disappointed to hear about our lack of customer service. We will be sending a free replacement out shortly.

5 Stars Garden Kneeler and Pouch

from DE wrote :

Excellent product-- Well constructed-- Performs as advertised.

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Foldable Garden Kneeler Seat with Pouch Foldable Garden Kneeler Seat with Pouch Foldable Garden Kneeler Seat with Pouch Foldable Garden Kneeler Seat with Pouch Foldable Garden Kneeler Seat with Pouch Foldable Garden Kneeler Seat with Pouch