Zoomi Fuel Can ID Tags, Homeowner 6-Pack, No-Spill Can

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Burning up equipment is no fun and can be very costly in both time and money; ID your fuel cans to avoid costly repairs.

Our Standard Fuel ID tags fit most Personal Fuel Cells (PFC) with a 1-3/4 inch threaded nozzle opening. Our No Spill fuel tags will fit the 2.5 inch opening of the "No Spill" gas cans. Always tag and identify each of your gas cans to avoid the costly pit falls of dispensing the wrong fuel into the wrong piece of equipment or auto. What?s in Your Fuel Can? Homeowner 6-Pack Contains:
  • (2) "Mixed" Tags
  • (1) Gas Tag
  • (1) Lawnmower Tag
  • (1) Weed Trimmer Tag
  • (1) Chainsaw Tag
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    Product Information

    Product Specs
    • For No Spill cans
    • Outer diameter 4 & 3/4"
    • Inner diameter 2 & 1/8"
    • Contains two "mixed" fuel tags, one "gas" tag, one "lawnmower" tag, one "weed trimmer" tag, and one "chainsaw" tag
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