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Great for Flowers and Vegetables Non-Poisonous and Easy to Use

Protect plants from aphids, whiteflies, mosquitoes, gnats, thrips, leaf miners, fruitflies, leafhoppers, froghoppers and other insects. Effective and easy to use, this non-poisonous trap works well when hung at stake or plant level. Place traps every 7 feet for best results. Last all season, even during rain, or until thoroughly covered in dust or insects. Traps are 4" wide x 7" long when closed and 4" wide x 14" long when opened. Includes sticky traps and twist ties. 5 packs.

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  • Protects against whiteflies, aphids, mosquitos, gnats, thrips, leaf miners and other insects
  • Traps are 4 inches wide and 7 inches long when folded, 14 inches long when unfolded
  • Traps are non-poisonous

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