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Send dogs, cats, deer, raccoons, skunks and other animals packing with sonic and ultrasonic sound!

The YardGard is a humane, effective, zero-maintenance and chemical-free solution to invading pests. Adjustable frequency of 15-25 KHz (inaudible to most humans) lets you select the perfect range for your needs. Works in yards, gardens, porches, barns, greenhouses anywhere you need to post a guard.

Covers up to 4000 square feet with continuous or motion-sensor operation (infrared sensor range 35ft x 70ft). Runs on 4 "C" batteries which will last about a month, or use the included 120vAC adapter. Keyhole slots in the weatherproof cover let you mount it almost anywhere.

Product Information


  • Overall dimensions: 6-1/2 inches x 5-1/2 inches x 3-3/4 inches
  • Covers up to 4000 square feet
  • 15 to 25 KHz adjustable frequency
  • Uses 4 "C" batteries, or 120 Volt AC
  • Infrared sensor range is 35 feet x 70 feet

Product Features

  • Maintenance-free
  • No expensive or hazardous chemicals

Product Benefits

  • Guards against dogs, cats, deer, raccoons, skunks, other garden pests
  • Good for yards, lawns, gardens, porches, buildings, greenhouses, etc.
  • Setting the knob for the animal that you are targeting will affect other pests below that level as well

Additional Information

Get the most out of your YardGard with these additional tips:

  • Turning the frequency dial all the way clockwise (11 o'clock) is the strongest setting at the lowest frequency. However, that may not specifically target the animal you are trying to repel. The larger the animal, the lower the frequency it hears. Please use the chart under the dial as a guide.
  • Motion Sensor operation is highly effective for most pests in most situations. For maximum effectiveness in challenging infestations, Constant ON is the most effective deterrent. You must use the unit on AC power for Constant use.
  • The unit works on a line of sight. The ultrasonic frequency travels outward in a cone-shaped pattern. Place unit in an area where you will achieve maximum coverage. Raise unit two to three feet above ground or at eye level of pest.
  • The sound waves cannot penetrate through solid walls or objects; they ricochet off of solid surfaces (i.e: walls, fences large trees, etc.) and tend to be absorbed by soft surfaces.
  • The range dial only needs to be adjusted if using the Motion Sensor.
  • The chirp sound is normal when unit detects motion or when first turned on.
  • Although the unit is harmless to animals, your pets may avoid the area that's within range of the unit. They cannot hear the unit unless they are within range of it.
  • The modification of an animal's behavior takes time. Please allow two to three weeks to achieve results with the recommended settings. Try changing settings once a week.
  • The unit at its lowest frequency is in human range to some.

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QUESTION: The ad shows squirrels but they are not on the dial. What setting should I use for squirrels, rabbits and other animals not listed on the unit? ANSWER: Begin by turning the frequency knob all the way clockwise. Adjust as needed every few days, based on results QUESTION: I pointed the product at an animal and it did not affect it. Why? ANSWER: The results of this product are based on behavioral modification, rather than an instant "zap". It is a gradual and incremental process. It takes a few days and even a couple of weeks. QUESTION: Can my dog/cat hear this? ANSWER: Yes, but it will not harm them or bother them if it is not facing them.

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from CA

YardGard Sucks


This product is completely useless. Had it close to the area where raccoons tear up my grass with the product plugged in (for constant activation). Product says to allow for 5 weeks to change animal behavior which I think is absurd... If the frequency bothers the animal they will avoid it right away. Anyway, the product never worked and raccoons throw parties all around the YardGard.

from WI

Very Dissappointed in Yard Guard!


I purchased the Yard Guard to repel squirrels and raccoons from my bird feeder. It did absolutely nothing to repel squirrels or coons, in fact, I have video of a coon feasting on my feeder with the Yard Guard clearly in view. I adjusted the frequencey settings perioodically to get some positive results, but to no avail. I've purchased other items from Gardener's Edge catalog (Electric Hoe among others) and have been very satisfied, but the complete failure of Yard Guard to do what it claims to do, i.e., keep pests away, has me questioning the reliabilty of claims made about other products I'm intersted in buying from the company.

from CT

Constant Chatter


I bought the YardGard as part of an integrated effort to keep critters out of my garden to see whether I could avoid fencing the whole thing. The YG was set up to work, at a distance from but in conjunction with two proximity alarmed water-spraying Scare Crows. While the Scare Crows seemed to work well in repelling rabbits and deer, they missed on detecting chipmonks. The YG, placed so as not to be effected by the water sprays was more difficult to judge and after one battery change I noticed that it was running continuously regardless of whether anything was in its range or not. In the end I had to remove its batteries. So, overall, I cannot give an honest judgement on the device but be advised that I have now fenced my whole veg/fruit garden.


Yard Guard


I purchased it to keep rabbits from tearing up my lawn furniture cushions. It is working very well, so I bought a second one, and referred a friend to purchase one

from NJ



The Yard Guard did not stop deer, cats, or, squirrels from coming into our backyard. I did not expect it to perform miracles but it was a joke, the squirrels scampered right around it and the deer ate whatever they pleased.

from PA

Dissappointed in this product


I bought this product because I have a very big problem with deer eating my flowers. I've been trying everything that I can find. I had purchased another device that is truly ultrasonic and it did work for a time. Now, the deer are back and the problem continues. This product is nothing more than a glorified radio with a motion sensor attached. The radio plays all night long and is quite the attention getter of my grandchildren. they love to hear it play. I would not pay this price again for a radio.

from NJ

Inferior Product


A few months ago we purchased the Yardguard. We have found it to be completely useless. It does not deter squirrels at all. We have changed the setting and the batteries to no avail. It should be noted that it is very difficult to take the back off the Yardguard to change the setting and/or batteries. We have given it a fair chance but it does not work. We paid $74.98 including the shipping and handling. We would like our money back.

Gardeners Edge responds: We appreciate the feedback, and are reaching out to this customer to provide a refund right away.

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