XHOSE Pro Extreme Expandable Garden Hose

Improved, with thicker and stronger exterior webbing, a patent pending stabilizer collar and crush resistant brass fittings.

Patented design will never twist, tangle, or kink! The XHOSE Pro has a tough multi-layered expandable inner hose and a folded outer covering made from durable, super strong webbing. Weighing under two pounds, this lightweight hose makes it easier than ever to work in the yard, wash your car, and more—you can even take it on the go, in your truck, boat, or RV. It's patented design will never twist, tangle, or kink!The original expandable garden hose, XHOSE, is everything your typical garden hose isn't! It is lightweight, compact, and expandable, with a powerful spray and a kink-free design. Now the XHOSE Pro is better than ever, with solid brass fittings, a wider diameter, a more powerful spray, and crafted from even stronger materials. Plus, it expands and contracts up to twice its length for easy maneuverability and convenient storage. It's like no hose in the world!

Item # Length Stock Status Price Qty
XHOSEPRO-75 75 Feet In Stock $72.84
XHOSEPRO-50 50 Feet Out of Stock
XHOSEPRO-100 100 Feet In Stock $85.04

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from IL

Love this hose!


I hesitate to write a review 2 months into the purchase of this hose after reading the other reviews, but.... I LOVE THIS HOSE. It's light weight, does not-cannot-will not kink. It behaves without any sass unlike my rubber hoses. While it's supposed to be 50 feet it stretches out to about 40. But even with that, I'm still happy with it. Wish the price was cheaper because I'd buy the 100 footer. I hope that the problems that occurred with the other reviewers doesn't happen to me.

from NJ

Not worth the money


I had the first one a short time when it sprung a leak. It was replaced by the company but the second one also sprung a leak after minimal usage. I would never recommend.

from IA

Xe Pro 50 ft. hose


I was given this as a gift. I loved it until 2 weeks into use and discovered a huge hole in it. I was very careful in how I used this hose, was stored properly after each use......very disappointed. Now I am trying to find out how to contact the company regarding the supposed 1 year warranty. When going to the site listed on the box I get a message saying this is NOT a secure site and others are likely trying to get credit card info.......

Gardener's Edge responds: Thank you for your feedback. We'll reach out to get this taken care of for you!

from PA

So far so good


Hard to review something I have only had a few weeks, but it seems great so far. But the cheaper hoses usually last me from a few months to (in one case) over a year so I'll let you know in a year.

from NE

75 foot pro extreme expandable garden hose


This hose was very expensive and lasted only one year before the inside liner broke allowing water to flow out throughout the length of the hose making it unusable. It was used for only normal watering of my flowers and was not put under any additional pressure. I would not recommend this hose for purchase

from GA

Don't waste your money


After using for a little over a month, it suddenly blew up. Used it for just regular household/garden use: watering flower beds, washing cars, etc. Was never used with a pressure washer and always emptied it and kept it out of the sun.

from CA

Hose Defective


This hose is the third of the four brands available. It lasted three months after routine normal use. The hose busted wide open and I had to return it to the seller to get my money back. The first two brands I bought did not last either, even after shutting off the water pressure while the hose is not in actual use such as while soaping the car during car wash.

from FL

Disappointed twice


The first Hose was green and lasted a couple of months. A year ago we bought two black X Hose Pros with the brass fittings, believing what they promise. Kept them out of the sun in a bucket when not in use. Then used one on the pressure washer - it worked great. The next time it was connected to the faucet the rubber inner hose had separated from the brass connector with water spraying thru the cloth cover. No way to fix it.

from FL

Xhose pro still junk.


After three or four weeks it blew up with standard house water pressure. Bought the Pro model because the same thing happened to my last one.

from CO

It works!


I was wary after the reviews, but I have to say that this hose has worked great for me this season. The key is to not let it sit at full pressure for a long time. Mine has lasted for the entire garden season with daily use. I am impressed with it.

from MA

Holy Wow


My boss got this for use when pressure washing. Yes, it's a little pricey, but this is the most amazing hose I've ever used. It's not often someone reinvents the wheel, but this is one of those times. If you use hoses with any level of frequency you should try these out. Now, we will see if it stands the test of time, but as of now it looks well built.

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