Wonder Soil® Shake, Water and Plant® with Worm Castings



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Expands to 10 lb of rich soil potting mix!

Use in seed starter cells, around roots and as a booster to the soil of existing plants. These 1/2-inch Wonder Soil pellets are enriched with worm castings. Promotes faster germination with more sprout success.

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  • Pellets are 1/2" wide and made of coconut coir, enriched with worm castings


Product is covered by A.M. Leonard's 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee



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QUESTION: What is coir? ANSWER: Coir is coarse fiber that comes from coconut husks QUESTION: What is a worm casting? ANSWER: A small spiral mound of earth or sand that has been excreted by a burrowing earthworm or lugworm

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from NY

The Best


I use this every year to start all my seeds: perennials, annuals, vegetables. I mix with water, then scoop into seed starting cells and have almost 100% germination, ending up with too many plants that I end up giving away. A heat mat and grow lights are also necessary for success.

from MT

Buyer Beware


I thought these would be great instead of a messy bag of starting soil. They may be good except for what I got was EXPIRED. Apparently something that these are made of have an expiration date and though someone had drawn a black line through it I could see that they had expired 4 years ago. One pellet was supposed to expand to fill a growing cell, instead it took at least 12, I stopped counting. Needless to say these will not go very far and are a huge disappointment.

Gardeners Edge responds: After speaking with the manufacturer, we learned that Wonder Soil ran out of labels and used old ones with an old expiration date printed on it. The date was blacked out since it was incorrect, but the product is new and still good. There should not have been any issue with the pellets expanding, so Wonder Soil will be contacting this customer to send out a replacement.

from MN

Use for starting seedlings


I live in zone 2-3 so I need to start many vegetables inside, including tomatoes and peppers. Although I haven't planted seeds yet, I have experimented with the wondersoil pellets and am pleased with the way they expand. I will start the tomatoes and peppers in a few weeks and plan on inserting 1-2 of the wondersoil pellets in each of the plug.