Wonder Soil® Expanding Planting Mix with Worm Castings, 2 lb



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A Fast, Versatile Formula: Ultimate Wonder Soil Reground - Your plants will have healthier root systems, more vigorous growth, and higher survival rates. Plus, using Reground is easier than old-school potting mixes. It's lighter, stays fresh indefinitely, and can incorporate more plant health additives than any other potting mix, including: Worm castings rich in nutrients, kelp powder for better germination, polymers that can reduce watering 50, coir for drainage and disease prevention, mycorrhiza to enhance root uptake, biosol fertilizer for healthy living soil. Finely ground particles hydrate quickly. Use for potting, or sprinkle over tired soil in your existing plants to give them a boost. Easily patches lawns - just mix with grass seed, sprinkle over the area, and water in well. Handy re-sealable bag.

Product Information


  • Made of ground coconut coir and worm casings
  • One 2 lb bag will expand to 18 lbs
  • One 2 lb bag expands to 1/2 cubic foot volume

Product Features

  • Made of ground coconut coir and worm casings
  • One 2 lb container will expand to 18 lbs

Product Benefits

  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Better drainage
  • Biodegradable



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  • Question: What is coir?
  • Answer: Coir is coarse fiber that comes from coconut husks
  • Question: What is a worm casting?
  • Answer: A small spiral mound of earth or sand that has been excreted by a burrowing earthw