Wonder Soil® Instant Wafers, Pack of 18 (over 10 lbs of mix)



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Tired of lugging heavy bags of potting soil around? Save your back with Wonder Soil!

Just add water to the compressed Wonder Soil and watch it expand up to 10 times its original volume. Great for seed starting, this soil-less medium contains a mix of coconut coir, peat moss, nutrients, and water-absorbing polymers. These special biodegradable polymers store and release water as needed for healthier plants and less watering. Recommended for containers, cuttings, or adding to planting holes to reduce watering. Each nutrient-enriched wafer expands to fill a 4-5 inch pot. Contains 18 wafers totaling more than 10 lbs. of potting mix.

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  • Each disk is 2 and 5/8" across, 3/8" thick
  • Ingredients are coir pith, Canadian peat, and Acrylamide Potassium Acrylate Co-polymer

Product Benefits

Lightweight and easy to handle Better drainage Biodegradable



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QUESTION: What is coir? ANSWER: Coir is coarse fiber that comes from coconut husks. QUESTION: What is the Acrylamide Potassium Acrylate Co-polymer? ANSWER: It is the product that holds and releases water in the potting mix; similar to our Terra-Sorb product

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from OH

Wonder Soil Wafers


I ordered this to mix with a bag of top soil to give some young plants a jump start before being planted in my flower beds this summer. It works great and was kind of fun to use. I liked it so much, I ordered a bag of the loose wonder soil to get some grass going in some bare spots on the lawn.

from CA

Wonder Soil Wafers


I was extremely happy with these Wonder Soil Wafers. They were very easy to use & storage is so simple. I plan on buying more to keep on hand especially for winter planting when everything is frozen. Great Product !!!