Wicked Tree Gear 15ft Extendable Pole Saw



Item # WKD15
Ship Weight 5.10 lbs
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This heavy duty telescoping pole saw is lightweight and compacts down to 42 inches!

Wicked Tree Gear Lightweight Telescoping Pole Saws offer the convenience of extending to reach and trim branches without a ladder, yet retract down to sizes that are as little as one quarter the length for easy transport and storage. While this makes them tremendously convenient, their quality is what sets them apart.

We haven't seen a pole saw that can take a beating like these can. Constructed of Wicked Sharp impulse-hardened high carbon steel, the curved-style arborist blade ensures fast, smooth cutting power.

The cast aluminum saw head folds sideways and latches in an open position, so there's no stress on the hinge in use. When extended, the pole saw feels like it's all one piece; there's no movement in the blade and the joints tighten firmly. Blade is 11 inches and replaceable if needed.

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