Wheeled Base Impact Sprinkler



Item # WB295
Ship Weight 1.80 lbs
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Heavy Duty Non-Corrosive Construction Gives This Sprinkler Years of Life!

Impact head adjusts from part to full circle with a steady, smooth stream of water, adjustable up to 90 degrees. Large wheeled base for easy movement and stability. Male hose thread outlet allows you to connect multiple sprinklers in a series. Features a brass hose swivel connection for easy attachment.

Product Information


  • Brass impact sprinkler on metal wheeled base
  • 90' diameter circle, adjustable from part to full circle
  • 1/2" diameter threads on head
  • Deflector and diffuser pin in front of nozzle allow for pattern control
  • Large treaded wheels allow for easy travel across lawns

Product Features

Can be used as a single sprinkler or connect in a series using standard garden hose.


Ten year manufacturer unconditional warranty.

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