West County® Garden Gloves, Mens

Every feature you could want, for any kind of work!

These washable gloves are made of a durable 4-way stretch nylon fabric that is breathable and resists abrasion. Its suede cloth palm and finger reinforcements protect like leather, but won't break down after repeated washing. The padded palm provides extra protection and comfort and the built-in terry cloth brow wipe is also convenient. Adjustable wrist tab closure keeps gloves snug, and allow for easy on/off.

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GGM-GR-MD Cement Medium Out of Stock
$24.69 $23.57
GGM-GR-LG Cement Large In Stock $24.69 $23.57
GGM-GR-XL Cement Extra Large In Stock $24.69 $23.57
GGM-1R-MD Brick Red Medium In Stock $24.69 $23.57
GGM-1R-LG Brick Red Large In Stock $24.69 $23.57
GGM-1R-XL Brick Red Extra Large In Stock $24.69 $23.57

Product Information

Product Features

  • Terry cloth brow wipe
  • Padded synthetic suede palm
  • Reinforced stress points
  • Adjustable cuff
  • Stretch mesh back
  • Machine washable

Product Benefits

  • Lightweight and breathable for extended use
  • Signature snug fit provides maximum comfort and dexterity without adding bulk
  • Women's and Men's sizes for a better fit
  • Machine washable and colorfast
  • Synthetic suede palm won't ever dry hard or crack, even after repeated washing
  • Has recycled content

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  • What's so special about the work glove?
    They are made with 100% synthetic materials
    They are machine washable and can tumble dry low
    They won't shrink or crack
    Light weight, durable, flexible and abrasion resistant
    Padded palms and reinforced finger pads provide all the protection of leather but last significantly longer
    Breathable mesh back keeps you cool in summer and comfortable when the temperature drops
    Terry brow wipe is ready when you get hot and sweaty
  • How should they fit?
    Our gloves should fit "snug" but not tight. Your fingers should comfortably go to the end without 'pushing' the finger tips
    They shouldn't constrict or bind
  • What's the best way to wash and care for them?
    If needed, first hose off heavy debris and/or dirt and then put them in the washer and dryer.
  • Caution: before you wash them, be sure to close the wrist tab securely to avoid the Velcro band catching on other laundry items
  • Will they protect my hand from thorns and stickers?
    Most thorns and stickers will not penetrate the palm side of the glove, but thorns and stickers can penetrate the nylon mesh material on the back of the glove
  • What are some other ways I can use these gloves?
    Cycling, rowing, skiing, sailing, paragliding, walking the dog
  • How are women's gloves different from men's?
    Women's gloves are cut narrower across the palm and slightly longer in the fingers to accommodate finger nails.
  • I have big hands. Should I buy men's gloves?
    To prevent rubbing, blisters and annoying bulk, it is much better to buy gloves made specifically for a woman's hands. The gloves will feel better, and you won't have to take them off to do small tasks.

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