Weed Dragon® 100,000 BTU Backpack Torch and Cart Combo



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Dragon torch kits provide a natural, non-chemical method of removing unwanted weeds and brush.

From weeds in the lawn, garden and driveway to weeds and brush in the fields, fence lines and irrigation ditches. Uses a gas grill type propane cylinder, not included. This model's 2in bell, 100,000 BTU torch produces a roughly 12in long flame with hottest temperature around 6in from nozzle. This size provides a more narrow, targeted flame than larger model. Beneficial for certain applications around tighter areas where a more targeted flame is best.

Product Information


  • 2" wide bell
  • Overall length is 34"
  • 12" flame
  • Approximate flame temperature: 2050 degrees F
  • Operating pressure range is 5 psi to 25 psi; it's normal operating pressure is around 18 psi
  • Fuel consumption at 18 psi is 2 -1/4 lbs per hour; maximum fuel consumption is 4.6 lbs per hour
  • 10' U.L. Listed LP Gas Hose
  • Ship wt 19.5 lb
  • Cart holds LP gas cylinders up to 40 lbs, tank not included; overall weight capacity is 100 lbs
  • Cart has 7" steel wheels, solid rubber tires, and a 1/2" axle

Product Features

  • Burn weeds in your yard, garden, concrete cracks, rock gardens, driveways and along chainlink fences
  • Flaming reduces or eliminates spraying chemicals and is a lot more fun than pulling weeds
  • Dry or thaw sand, dirt and other materials used in construction and excavation
  • Melt snow and ice off steps, sidewalks, driveways and any nonflammable surfaces
  • The cart has a torch rack and adjustable strap for the tanks

Product Benefits

  • The single handle on the cart allows the operator to use a torch and move the dolly simultaneously
  • When the torch is not in operation, it can be stored on the convenient torch bracket



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from MD

Weed Dragon does what I need


I purchased the Weed Dragon with the intent to control grass & weeds that sprout in the crevices between bricks in a brick driveway (~12 feet by 80 feet), a brick patio (about 20 feet by 25 feet) and a connecting path (about 6 feet by 30 feet). All of this brick is laid without mortar on a stone and stone dust base that is 8 to 10 inches deep so that it serves as a pervious surface for water runoff control. Grass and weed seeds find their way into the cracks and must be eliminated. I do not want to use any chemical including salt that will pass into the soil. The Weed Dragon has proved very effective. It took a couple of times for me to learn that I do not need to burn the plants to a crisp to kill them. This is an important point as it saves fuel if the flame is only applied to each plant long enough to cause a good wilt. The Weed Dragon is effective for my purpose. I do not know of any other way to control these grasses and weeds that does not place undesirable chemicals into my soil.