Weed Control Tips

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Why is it that the least wanted plants in your yard and garden are also the fastest, easiest to grow ones? You know exactly what we're talking about — those dreaded weeds! You don't intentionally feed or water them, and you certainly don't plant them — yet there they are, invading your yard every spring. This year, win the battle over weeds with our helpful tips below.

Chemical-Free, No-Spray Solutions

Landscape fabric is an excellent longer-term, low-maintenance weed control solution. It can last up to 5 years (maybe even longer!), saving you time and money! Our tightly woven 4.75 oz polypropylene fabric is 98% opaque to light and permeable to air, water and other valuable nutrients that promote healthy plant growth. After pinning the fabric in place (try our heavy-duty anchor pins — they won't bend like those flimsy ones you find elsewhere!), cover it with about 2 inches of mulch to extend the life of your fabric. It'll be your secret no-weed solution! Don't go too thick with the mulch or weed seeds can germinate above the fabric.

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For spot control, sometimes just yanking out the weeds is the quickest and most effective option. But that doesn't have to mean getting down on your hands and knees for grueling manual labor. Save yourself from constant bending and kneeling with the Grampa's Weeder Tool. This ingeniously designed weeder allows you to pull weeds while standing! Plus, it doesn't just pull the weed, but the roots as well, ensuring that it won't grow back. So easy to use: simply insert the weeder around the weed, step on the foot lever, and pull back on the handle. The angle and leverage you get with this tool easily pulls out the root and all in one simple motion.

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Spray the Weeds Away

You can spray weeds without the use of harsh chemicals with Natural Horticultural Vinegar, a customer favorite! Use on a warm, sunny day for the best results. While it may not be as quick-kill as stronger chemical sprays, it is a good alternative, especially if you have kids or pets that play in your yard. To wipe out the toughest brush problems — multiflora rose, brambles, cedar, elm, hickory, locust, poison oak and ivy, sumac, willow and many other trees, vines and broadleaf weeds — try Brushmaster, which contains a Trimec herbicide complex. When properly treated, targeted trees, vines and broadleaf weeds won't come back!

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Worried about drift, overspray or chemical exposure? Protect your plants, grass and the environment by using the Weed Wand Magic Applicator. Its unique applicator is perfect for spot applications of herbicides and safe to use even on windy days. You can get in close to your favorite flowers without the fear of exposing them to weed killers. A wipe-on applicator such as the Sideswipe Applicator is another option for applying herbicide precisely where you need it. Use this on even the windiest days without any worries. It even comes with a protective shield, allowing you to give the pad partial or full exposure, for even more precision control. Works fast on weeds that pop out of driveway or sidewalk cracks.

Sprayers are a valuable tool to have, as they can be used for not only applying herbicides, but also pesticides and liquid fertilizers. For treating smaller areas, we have a commercial-quality 2-gallon sprayer that can reach full pressure with half the pumping of other brands. The Precision Spray Equipment 5-Gallon Sprayer has wheels and a rechargeable battery — which means no heavy lifting or tedious hand pumping. It's perfect for covering those larger spraying jobs.

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