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The Water Wiggler creates continuous ripples in your birdbath to deter mosquitoes!

The sound of water attracts birds, plus it prevents mosquitoes from laying their eggs, helping to fight the spread of diseases like the West Nile Virus. Just place in your birdbath and go: no wiring or plumbing needed. Operates silently on two D batteries (not included) for up to 2 months. Use with a heated birdbath in winter.

Product Information


  • 5" W x 5" H overall
  • Legs are 2 and 3/4" H
  • Always keep the water level at leat 1/4" below the base; legs are 2 and 3/4" high, so water should be kept 2 and 1/2" deep

Product Features

Water is stirred by the use of a small agitator at the bottom of the Wiggler


Product comes with a one year manufacturer warranty

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from MN

winter use


I got this as a gift (Christmas 2018) and set it up the next day. Today, January 25, it is -18 degrees F and still keeping my heated bird bath open. Usually it freezes over at 0 degrees F. The screw to open the battery case is a bit awkward and 2 D cell batteries could be costly, but they are still going after 1 month of continuous use in very cold weather.

from DE

Why I love the water wiggler


Before I got the water wiggler, birds occasionally used my bird bath. Once I got it, the birds loved it. And the birds provide endless entertainment for my indoor cat who sits by the sliding glass door to watch all their antics. Even the squirrels use it, much to the consternation of my cat.

from TN



Have been very impressed so far. Always concerned with mosquito issues but now I feel better about having water out for the birds. Will definately be using wigglers in any bird baths I have!

from IN

Bird bath wiggler


I have used this wiggler for 2 months now and it does a great job. My only complaint is I thought it was a little pricey.

from NJ

One less garden chore


Birds have always loved the bird bath but it's been a chore keeping it clean and free of dreaded mosquito larva. The wiggler seems to be doing a great job. I haven't had to add any mosquito deterrent or scrub the bath with vinegar to clean it every week. Love it! Especially because it takes about 3-4 hours a day to keep up with all other garden chores.

from KS

water wiggler


Most of the time i like it fine. It doesn't take much to shut if off even with algae or the blooms off the walnut and pecan trees. Too bad it doesn't clean as it wiggles

from MN



Most of the time it works fine. We found that when it rained water got inside and shorted it out. We made sure the screw was tightened down and put tape over the top to prevent moisture getting in. We couldn't place it in the center of our bird bath because ours has a floral raised design. We put it off to the side so it would agitate. It then will agitate. We have to check it each time it rains to make sure there isn't too much water in the bird bath. So far it hasn't attracted to many birds.

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