Vole King Plant Baskets

Stop voles in their holes!

Are there chew marks on your fruit trees? Are voles gnawing on your ornamental plantings? If so, choose Vole King and protect the crown! What are voles? Voles belong to the rodent family. They look like mice, but appear stouter and have a shorter tail. Voles build their nests underground — in the top 12 inches of soil. How much damage do they cause? Meadow and woodland voles cause extensive damage to orchards, tree plantings, and ornamental plantings. They gnaw on the bark of seedlings and target the crown on more mature trees. They also consume small roots, girdle large roots, and eat a variety of seeds, fruits, and bulbs. They even eat your grass! How do I check for voles? Since voles do not hibernate, they spend the entire year causing damage to your trees. Injured trees grow slowly and appear off-color and sickly before they die off. You may not discover the damage until it is too late! The easiest way to check for voles is to look for their runway system. They build this transportation system just under the surface of your lawn or landscape. What can I do to protect my plants? Vole King has the answer for you! They designed their wire plant baskets to deter voles. They make these mesh baskets out of stainless steel, so they resist both rust and the elements. Simply bend the mesh around the root ball and the crown of your plants. This ensures a lifetime of protection against voles, yet allows the roots to grow through the mesh! Please see size options below.

Item # Package Quantity Size Stock Status Price Qty
VK23G 4 Baskets 2 to 3 Gallons In Stock $22.74
VK1G 4 Baskets 1 Gallon In Stock $20.74
VK5G 2 Baskets 5 Gallons In Stock $20.74
VK15G 1 Basket 15 Gallons In Stock $20.74

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