Ups-A-Daisy Planter Inserts

Save money, use less soil and improve drainage!

The Ups-A-Daisy raises the level of the container you are potting, saving you money on soil and giving plants the proper drainage they need to be healthy. This also lightens the pot, making it easier to move around. Customize your containers and change them out season by season with more ease and less soil.

Item # Shape Size Stock Status Price Qty
UAD14 Round 14-inch insert, fits 18 to 20-inch planters In Stock $9.89
UAD10 Round 10-inch insert, fits 12 to 14-inch planters In Stock $7.59
UAD12 Round 12-inch insert, fits 14 to 16-inch planters In Stock $8.63
UAD17 Round 17-inch insert, fits 20 to 22-inch planters In Stock $13.45
UADS11 Square 11-inch insert, fits 13 to 15-inch planters In Stock $8.39
UADS13 Square 13-inch insert, fits 15 to 17-inch planters In Stock $10.65

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from CA

Up or down


I can't figure out which side goes up? I do not see any instructions on the label. Otherwise, I love it! Makes it so easy to get my plastic pot with the arrangement of plant in and out of the large beautiful clay pot!

from MD

Go one better


This is a good product however, as stated in other customer reviews, there are limitations...One inexpensive resolution is to fill your large pots with empty plastic water bottles! Not only are they light weight but they fit in any size pot and allow for drainage. Happy recycling!!

from MD



I agree with Jackye and wish to include a 13” round is needed. I have all the sizes except the square - really love them.

from GA

Save on soil!


This is great for large pots when you want to save $ on potting soil. I only wish it came in a size to accommodate 22" and 24" pots/planters!!