U-Shaped Steel Anchor Pins, 6in x 1ft, 500-Pack



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Keep your fabrics securely in place!

These Anchor Pins feature an 11-gauge wire construction. Each pin measures 6 inches in length and 1 inch in width. This box contains 500 pins.

Use these Anchor Pins with erosion netting, weed barriers, or any other types of landscaping fabric. Their U-shaped design and angled end cuts make installation fast and easy.

These are not the same flimsy pins you find at the big box stores. These pins easily penetrate overlapping fabric and will not bend under pressure!

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Size 6 inch long x 1 inch wide. Packed 500 per case, weight 20 lbs., 11 gauge wire.

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QUESTION: When using a bio-degradable fabric what do you do with the anchor pins after the fabric has degraded? ANSWER: It is ok to leave the anchor pins in the ground as they should be out of the way of lawn mowers, etc. as long as they don't get pushed up by frost heave. Remember anchor pins are installed flush with the soil level. They are flat on top which will not be harmful. They will eventually degrade.

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from VA

THE BEST Anchor Pins


We install Hidden Pet Fences. We use a HD wire-trencher to bury the wire but in tight spots where the trencher won't fit we hand-bury and secure with anchor pins. These pins are much thicker, longer, and more durable than the cheapo's at BigBox stores.

from IN

Anchor pins - a gardening necessity


I can't recommend these highly enough. They're indispensable in my vegetable garden. You'll probably find quite a number of uses for this pins in your yard and garden. I've used anchor pins for many years in my vegetable garden - to anchor drip hosing as it snakes around my plants and to secure breathable landscape fabric over the planting rows. When putting up rabbit fencing, I use the pins to secure the bottom edge between the fence stakes to deter persistent intruders. These pins will eventually rust, but you can prolong their life with little effort. At the end of the season, remove the pins, rinse them thoroughly to get dirt off, lay them out in the sun to dry thoroughly, then store them in a dry place till next season.

from IL

Anchor Pins worth the price


These pins are worth the money if you use landscape cloth. I used mine to hold down light weight weed barriers in my vegetable garden, a much better idea than all the make shift items I have used before. They can be easily removed and used again. I did however purchase a smaller package.

from TX

Better than Big Box


These are about an inch longer than you get at home improvement stores. Also you would get around 200 to 300 for this price at .... then about 1/2 the price. I am totally impressed.