Triple Threat Mite Predators, 1,000 Count


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Eliminate spider mites without chemicals!

Are spider mites taking over your plants? Deploy these 3 species to destroy them all! Natures Control combined 3 species of spider mite predators into one effective package. This combination covers a wider range of growing conditions than a single species could. Each spider mite predator eats an average of 5 spider mites per day, or 20 spider mite eggs. Since the predators breed twice as fast as their prey, they quickly gain control of an area. You will notice this takeover within 4 weeks after introducing them. The predators will continue to eat until the spider mites are completely gone. These predators disappear once the spider mites die out. Approximately 1,00 insects. This product ships directly from the supplier. This product can only be shipped ground to customers in OR, NM, Northern WA, and Southern CA. This product ships 2nd day air to all other addresses to best ensure survival of the insects.