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With the Trim Bib, cleaning up your mulch or grass takes a few seconds, and you maintain that neat-looking yard you try so hard to keep.

After you trim hedges or evergreens, do you really want to spend a lot of time picking out the small branch tips or leaves from the mulch and grass? With the Trim Bib, you get quick cleanup of your trimming mess so you can spend more time gardening, and not cleaning up!

Measuring a sturdy 3 feet x 4 feet, the Trim Bib is a strong, water-resistant canvas bordered on two sides by stiff steel tubing. It spreads out evenly in a single motion and gathers just as quickly. Plus, with its curvy side, it can hug the trunk of any bush you prune! Once you're done, just lift the bib and funnel clippings right into a lawn bag or compost bin—so easy!

It can also be a real hassle to sift out the clods of dirt intertwined in the surrounding grass when you?re digging and planting. The Trim Bib makes a fantastic pad for loose mounds of soil as you dig a planting hole or transplant shrubs or trees. The soil stays nearby to slide back into the hole once you're done planting, and any remaining clods or fine soil can be easily lifted away and funneled back into the hole, or your compost pile. No mess to worry about cleaning up!

Product Information


  • 3' x 4'
  • Weighs 2 and 1/2 lbs
  • Water resistant canvas

Product Benefits

Buy a pair to completely surround a shrub while trimming


Product is covered by A.M. Leonard's 30 day satisfaction guarantee

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from NJ

Very Versatile!


Light weight, yet very sturdy, easy to handle when full of of garden clippings and lawn debris. I keep it with me when doing container gardening as well. Catches any spilled soil or clippings making work area clean up easy. I also use it when cleaning our fireplace. I have a few of them. Can't recommend it enough!

from PA

Time Saver


I find this product very useful when trimming bushes. Makes clean up quicker and easier. I was getting fed up picking up the cut leaves from my bushes in amongst the mulch. This is light weight,lies flat under the bushes and folds when not in use for easy storage. Good product.

from CT

Love this product!


Trim Bib has simplified my pruning tasks. It is easy to use, well made, and light-weight. Saves me from having to rake or bend to pick up the clippings. It's also easy to store.




The trim bib is well made, but I find that I'm not using it. Probably because I grow so many roses. Those clippings go directly into a large paper recycling bag. Much easier than trim bib. However, the Garden Glide product is fantastic!!! I have two of them now. Indespensible for moving bags of soil/mulch, large plants and containers, great for transplanting shrubs,etc. That is a great product!

from MO

Works well


I like gadgets and thought this would be a good helpmate to my trimming efforts of golden globes. I got tired of picking every little trim piece up by hand so when I saw the Trim Bib I thought it would be useful. It's easy to set up and since most of my many plants are on level ground it was easy to place the bib around the plant and trim away. It saved me time and it make clean-up easy. It's a good product and it's easy to store when not in use.

from TX

Good for large areas


I should have checked out the dimensions more carefully - this is a large item that would work well if you have a big empty space around your shrubs, which I do not. I have 2 of them so they fit all the way around the plant. It's very easy to carry quite a bit without dropping or spilling. And no more leaves in the mulch.

from CT

Good, But not great


This is a good product,but has some draw backs. It is sometimes difficult to place under the shrub especially if the shrub is near a fence or is very close to another shrub. However it is very good for small shrubs. You have to be careful with the initial placement.

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