Treegator Slow-Release Drip Irrigation Watering Bag, 20 Gallon



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Reduces watering up to 50% by eliminating run-off and evaporation.

You've seen these in professional landscapes around your neighborhood, now you can care for your trees as the pros do! They reduce plant shock and are perfect for soaking trees before digging. Adjustable water flow rates. Eliminates evaporation and run-off.

12 mil nylon-reinforced, UV-treated polyethylene, with a 20 gallon capacity. One Treegator fits trees up to 3-inch caliperzip two or three together to water up to 12-inch caliper trees!

Product Information


  • Single bag holds approx. 20 gallons of water.
  • Fits mininum 1 inch tree trunk up to a maximum 4 inch tree trunk (Zip 2 bags together to water 5 to 8 inch trees/2 bags=about 40 gallon setup)
  • Made of green polyethylene with nylon webbing, black polypro straps and green nylon zippers.
  • UV treated to withstand exposure to sunlight.
  • 2 drip hole locations per bag-Standard drip time of 5 to 9 hours.
  • Fill opening fits up to 3" diameter hose.
  • Filled with water: 30" Tall x 18" Wide (at base)

Product Features

  • Place on tree trunk, with the zippers on the uphill side of the tree.
  • Wrap both sides around trunk (1" to 4" dia. trunk*) until zippers meet.
  • Two 20 gal. bags zipped together back-to-back - Fits 5 to 8" dia. trunk
  • Zip sides of bag together from bottom to top.
  • Lift tag to expose fill opening at top of bag.
  • Insert hose into fill opening and begin filling with water.
  • Fill bag to 1/4 capacity, then gently lift up on straps at top of bag to

Product Benefits

  • No more guess work- Provides a professional watering every time.
  • Reduces watering frequency-Fill just once a week for most new tree plantings.
  • Reduces the amount of time spent at tree- Setup and fill in less than 5 minutes.
  • Saves water resources- 100% water absorption with little or no run-off.
  • Deep water penetration with each application- Promotes deep root growth and reduces transplant shock.


5 Year limited manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship.

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QUESTION: Can I fill the Treegator and then put it in place? ANSWER: The material used is strong but the Treegator should not be moved when filled with water.QUESTION: What are the black handles for at the top of the bag?ANSWER: These handles are used to keep the bag upright as you fill it. Do not use these handles to move the bag or to adjust the bag when it is full of water. The handles will tear off the bag if you try to pick it up when it is full.

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from PA

Treegators--Great for street trees!


Treegators are the best! As a Borough Tree Commission, we started using treegators last year on our newly-planted street trees. The treegators helped us to save time on watering and they enabled us to get enough water right to the root system and water deeply which is important for young trees. They are very easy to use.

from TX

Water more with less


I live in the Texas "hill country" where in the past few years water has been an issue due to a lingering drought. As I've planted new trees I've added the gators out of convenience and necessity. Less time has to be spent watering and there is no waste. They are so simple to use and a good example of this is letting my 11 year old grandson do the watering this past weekend.

from GA



I wanted to plant some expensive oak and maple 2-inch caliper trees at my weekend place 14 miles from town. It was a challenge to be able to water the trees daily as needed. The TREEGATOR system allowed me to plant these trees with a good probability of success. Thanks for the prompt and courteous response. I will be a repeat customer. Paul B., Dalton, Georgia