Tree Diaper Garden Watering Mats

Tree Diaper® Self Watering Garden Mats

The TreeDiaper® Garden Mat, great for square foot gardening!

Tree Diaper® garden mats come in two sizes. Choose your garden mat size below. The garden mats are a perfect size for raised beds and garden rows. It is made from heavy-duty fabric that blocks the weeds. The mat contains special water-absorbing pellets that hold the water and slowly release as the plants need it. These mats "re-charge" from rain or irrigation water outdoors. For your first use, soak the Garden Mat in water for 5 hours or overnight. Then place the mat in your raised bed or garden. Garden Mats make planting in straight rows a breeze!

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Product Information

Product Features

  • Automatically re-charges from rain or irrigation water
  • Slow release watering based on temperature, air flow and humidity
  • Weed barrier
  • Protects plants roots
  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Perfect for square foot gardening in raised beds and gardens