Tree Diaper® Container Self Watering Mat - Twin Packs

The perfect solution for maintenance-free gardening!

TreeDiapers® are self-watering container garden mats. Choose from either 10" or 14" diameter mats below. The 10" mat works well with 1-3 gallon containers, and the 14" works well with 2-7 gallon containers. Simply soak the mat in water for 5 hours, or overnight. After soaking the container mats place, it around your plants. Water will slowly be released into your plants as needed. The mats have water-absorbing pellets that "re-charge" from rain or irrigation water outdoors. If using indoors, re-charge your water mats whenever you see that the mat has emptied. These mats also prevent weeds from growing around your plants. The mats also protect your soil from being washed away.

Item # Container Size Diameter Stock Status Price Qty
TD210 1 to 3 Gallons 10 Inches In Stock $18.79
TD14 3 to 7 Gallons 14 Inches In Stock $22.74

Product Information


  • Mats per pack: 2
  • Mat diameter (inches): Varies
  • Container size (gallons): Varies

Product Features

  • Automatic re-charge after rain or irrigation water
  • Slow release watering based on temperature, airflow, and humidity
  • Weed barrier
  • Protects plants roots
  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Perfect for square foot gardening in raised beds and gardens

Product Safety

Prop 65

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