Traditional White Picket Fence Corner



Item # CCP
Ship Weight 26.00 lbs
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This graceful corner accent offers a subtle touch of distinction for any garden or yard.

A traditional corner picket design that never goes out of style, in maintenance free vinyl. Each side is 1/2in long, the corner post is 43in high, and the end posts are 34-1/4in high. 20 year guarantee against fading, cracking, yellowing, or warping.

Product Information


  • Each side is 1/2" long, the corner post is 43" high, and the end posts are 34 1/4" high

Product Features

Made from superior poly materials UV treated so it won't turn yellow

Product Benefits

Define Boundaries with Style


Manufacturer offers a 20 year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship


QUESTION: Can the Traditional Corner Picket be painted? ANSWER: This product is designed to look freshly painted, so the only reason to paint it would be to change color. Epoxy-based paint is the only paint that will adhere properly to a plastic surface, but it also damages the surface and therefore voids so warranty, so we don't recommend it