TotalGrow Mult HI LED Grow Lights

TotalGrow™ Mult-HI LED Grow Lights

Achieve your target yields, consistency, and quality!

Each TotalGrow™ Mult-HI LED lighting system consists of multiple high-intensity light bars. TotalGrow™ arranges these bars in a thin form factor to evenly distribute the ideal light intensities over your grow area. Each light features a built-in power source. This system combines a plug-and-play design with direct daisy-chaining. See below for buying options.

Mult-HI allows for a customizable full-light spectrum. This customization results in quality growth for any crop variety in any stage of life. They work well in many setups from commercial greenhouses and nurseries to home gardens. These lights allow for all-season plant growth over many years.

TotalGrow™ Mult-HI combines simplicity and efficiency. Its plug-and-play design, combined with direct daisy-chaining, makes setup fast and easy. Once installed, Mult-HI provides excellent uniformity for maximum growth. With TotalGrow™, you will see savings of up to 70% when used in place of standard HPS lighting!

Item # Stock Status Price Qty
MH240 $606.99
MH170 $506.99
MH320 $716.99
MH640 $1149.99

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