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Wonder Soil Sprout House

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The greenhouse is compact enough to sit on your windowsill and includes everything you need.

Your seeds begin life in this mini greenhouse, each in their own coir cup—twelve spots in all. As roots penetrate cup walls, they are encouraged to create more roots, giving you a heartier root mass for rapid expansion. In a short time, your young plants will be ready to transition into Step 2 (the WSTT Relocation Station) or you can plant them in a container or directly in the garden. Includes everything you need for two plantings: 24 coir cups and 24 Wonder Soil pellets, carton, and dome cover.

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  • Directions: In each Sprout House cell, put one wafer in one coir pot. Add water. Stir to expand soil. Add 4 to 6 seeds. Stir and cover. After sprouts are 2" to 3" tall, remove coir cup with seedling and transplant, cup and all.
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