The Original Treestrap, 12-Inch Length, Pack of 20



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These straps provide optimal strength during crucial root establishment!

These Original Treestraps feature a woven, non-stretching polypropylene construction. Each reusable, weather-resistant strap includes two #1 brass grommets. They measure 1 inch in width and 12 inches in length. This bag contains 20 straps.

The Original Treestraps is ideal for guying newly-planted trees. These strong yet gentle straps support the tree while protecting its cambium layer. Installation requires no special tools. Use two to three straps per tree. These straps have a tear strength of 200 pounds and are recommended for trees up to 2 inches in diameter.

Correctly staking your newly-planted trees is essential to protecting their fragile root system. The Original Treestrap is the choice of today's professional landscaper due to its optimal strength during root establishment. Proudly made in the USA!

Product Information


  • Strap width (inches): 1
  • Strap length (inches): 12
  • Strap material: Polypropylene
  • Maximum tree caliper (inches): 2
  • Tear strength (pounds): 200
  • Grommet material: #1 brass
  • Strap count: 20

Product Features

  • Reusable tree straps
  • Woven, non-stretching polypropylene construction
  • Two brass grommets
  • Weather-resistant
  • Made in the USA!

Product Benefits

  • The choice of today's professional landscaper
  • Ideal for guying newly-planted trees
  • Provide optimal support during crucial root establishment
  • Gentle enough to protect the cambium layer
  • Installation requires no special tools


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