The Andersons GrubOut DG Insecticide, 40 lb Bag



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Ship Weight 40.00 lbs
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Controls over 27 insect pests!

Features the DG - Dispersible Granular technology with active ingredient Imidacloprid .2 %. Labeled for turf, ornamental and production nursery. Controls white grubs and 27 ornamental insect pests such as Aphids, Root Weevil, Whiteflies, Japanese Beetles, Fungus Gnats, and much more. Covers 10,000 sq ft at medium rate. 40 lb bag.We are sorry for the inconvenience! This product CANNOT BE SHIPPED TO AK.

Product Information


  • 40 lb bag
  • Active Ingredient: Imidacloprid 0.2 %

Product Features

  • Can be used around ornamentals such as trees, shrubs, flowers, and groundcovers to control adelgids, scale, beetles, catepillars, borers, weevils, whiteflies and more, see label for details
  • Can be used in grass and turf to control grub larvae of beetles, weevils, chafers and more, including mole crickets; see label for details


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