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The Andersons 25-0-3 Turf Fertilizer with 2% Iron, 50 lb Bag

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For the ultimate greenup for your turf! Iron packs a green punch, together with slow-release nitrogen for a real lush, green color!

Nitrogen and iron make a powerful blend for that spring greenup. 50% of the total nitrogen is derived from Fortify-N, a proprietary nitrogen management tool that has been proven to prolong desirable turf color. Also contains 2% iron for further turf color enhancement. If you just need to fertilize this spring, this is the right formula for a gorgeous green lawn! 1 bag covers 10,000 sq ft.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • 25-0-3 fertilizer formula
  • 2% iron
  • 50 lbs per 12,500 sq ft for low coverage; per 10,000 sq ft for medium coverage; per 8,300 sq ft for high coverage Refer to bag label for approximate spreader settings
Product Features
  • The nitrogen, plus iron, greens up turf for up to 8 weeks
Additional Product Information
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