TerraNeem EC

TerraNeem® EC

A cost-effective option for organic growers!

Terrmera developed TerraNeem® EC as a broad-spectrum insecticide, miticide, nematicide, and fungicide. This OMRI-listed product contains cold-pressed neem oil (84.9%). Neem oil provides multiple modes of action for pest control. It works as an antifeedant, insect repellent, and growth regulator. Choose your desired container volume below. TerraNeem® EC works on many types of crops including vegetables, fruit trees, berries, and turf. Use it to control many types of common pests in your garden, greenhouse, or nursery. Click on the product label in the links section below for more information. TerraNeem® EC is a cost-effective broad-spectrum tool for organic growers. Using this product results a zero-day harvest time and PHI and only a 4-hour REI. Plus, it is soft on beneficial insects, making it a great addition to your organic pest control arsenal!

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