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Tenax Deer Fencing: Heavy Duty UV-Resistant Polypropylene Mesh


Tough enough to keep the deer out, year after year!

Read 7 Easy Steps to quickly determine all the deer fencing supplies you need!

Virtually invisible when installed, yet provides considerable protection. Strong, lightweight, and easy to install. A great alternative to wire and electric fences, and it will last for several seasons due to UV inhibitors added in the material. Black mesh is available in two sizes to choose: (a) 1.75-inch x 2-inch mesh with standard strength of 600-650 lbs/ft breaking load; and (b) 1.77-inch x 1.96-inch mesh with extra strength of 700-750 lbs/ft breaking load. Because deer are such great jumpers, we recommend a minimum height of 7.5 feet.

Due to their dimensions, CN865, CN733, CN716 and CN710 must ship via motor freight delivery. They are not eligible for any free or reduced shipping offers.

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