Telesteps 8 Foot Professional Telescoping Combination Ladders

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Multiple heights with just one ladder!

Telesteps Professional Telescoping Combination Ladder is an extension ladder, A-frame ladder, and step ladder in one lightweight package. This 8-foot tall multi-function ladder features a high-quality, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy construction. The fully automatic extension steps lock from the bottom up and each step has a built-in safety indicator. Each ladder has a wide stabilizer bar at the base in addition to two extended top rungs for extra support at the top.

Telesteps Professional Telescoping Combination Ladders allow you to reach multiple heights with just one ladder. When used as an extension ladder, the two top rungs provide extra height. The A-frame option provides a wide base for freestanding use as a step ladder. An offset feature enables you to use the A-frame ladder on stairs or other uneven surfaces. These ladders are ANSI 14.2 tested, OSHA-compliant, and type IAA rated to support up to 375 pounds!

Telesteps makes products that are perfect for both professionals and homeowners. These lightweight ladders are no exception. Once you finish the job, Telesteps' patented one-touch release mechanism automatically retracts the ladder for fast and easy storage. Telesteps covers this product with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Product Information

Product Specs
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Open height (inches): 99
  • Open base (inches): 28
  • Weight (pounds): 24.3
  • Reach height (feet): 12
  • Maximum capacity (pounds): 375
  • Step width (inches): 13
  • Tread width (inches): 3-3/8
  • Step rise (inches): 12
  • Retracted dimensions (inches): 31 x 28 x 6
Product Features
  • Combination extension, A-frame, and step ladder
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy construction
  • Extended top rungs
  • Offset feature
  • Patented one-touch release
  • Built-in safety indicators on each step
  • OSHA-compliant
  • ANSI 14.2 tested
Product Benefits
  • Combines three types of ladders in one lightweight package
  • Extended top rungs provide extra height when used as an extension ladder
  • Offset feature enables use on steps or other uneven surfaces
  • Built-in safety indicators allow you to view lock status at a glance
  • One-touch release automatically retracts the ladder for fast and easy storage
PFR Warranty
  • The manufacturer covers this product with a 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects.
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