Telescoping Adjustable Rake



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Ship Weight 1.50 lbs
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Rake Adjusts to Fit You and Your Raking Needs!

Whether you are raking a yard full of leaves, freshening up mulch around delicate landscaping, raking over seedlings, or cleaning debris out from under hard to reach shrubbery areas; this rake does it all!

The ingenious head design easily shrinks down to 7 inches for tight work in small areas, and can expand up to 22 inches for clearing an entire yard, plus the handle extends from 35 inches to 69 inches so you get just the right leverage for the job.

The rake is so simple to adjust even a child can do it, and it easily locks into place. Larger diameter handle than other rakes in its class for a comfortable grip and extremely lightweight for all day use at only 1.5 lb.

Product Information

Product Features

  • Polyolefin coating provides a long lasting finish because of its resistance to agricultural chemicals and fertilizers
  • Knotty-style finish on rings holds onto twine & ties and prevents sliding
  • Heat sealed caps installed at both ends keep out moisture and eliminate any rusting

Product Benefits

  • The Polyolefin coating and resistance to chemicals means stake will not rust, corrode, or crack offering a long service life


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Overall Rating: 3/5

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from TX

one star is too many


On the second use, the tines do not lock so they collapse and the whole raking mechanism twists, unable to rake even lightweight fine cedar mulch. The end cap to hang it with comes out of the end of the tool so it can't be hung. It is a worthless waste of plastic and metal, possibly THE most worthless tool I have ever purchased. Frankly, I am shocked that an A M Leonard company would even sell such a worthless, cheaply made item. Do not waste your money! Seriously, this is a very crappy "tool".

from PA

Works but with Frustrations!


Loved the adjustable feature, however the lever that controls the locking lever didn't hold well in use, kept releasing, also the length lock didn't hold all that well either. I think this is a good product, it just needs some "tweaking" to these issues!

from NY

Cheaply made rake-DO NOT BUY


I purchased this rake last year. I initially had trouble with the telescoping part-it did not stay in place-but it seemed to work itself out. This year-today as a matter of fact-I was using it and the entire tines fell out!! ALL OF THEM!! I am going to see if I can put them back in place but if not, the rake is TOAST. NOT WORTH THE MONEY. DO NOT BUY.

from VT

Rake Issues!


Having lots of trouble with the telescoping part of this rake - it simply will not stay where I want it. It's very annoying...because it works well for the use intended.

from WI

So Handy


This rake gets a work out every year. I love it because it adjusts to tight spaces and that makes the fall clean-up go so much more quickly. It reaches into tight spaces easily.