Takiron Green Steel Stakes, 10-Pack

Long-lasting and never splinters, green color blends in with foliage!

Ring spacing is closer together near the bottom and increase as it goes up, to coincide with a plant's growth. Double rings every 50 cm help you insert to an even height. Waterproof, heat-sealed caps stay in place. The look and feel of bamboo, with the strength of steel. Durable heavy gauge steel in all-weather, polyolefin resin coating won't warp, rot or rust. Resists chemicals and lasts for years. They are in an attractive "plant green", to blend in with foliage.

Item # Bundle Size Ship wt Desc Stock Status Price Qty
116TS Bundle of 10 4 lb 7/16 in x 6 ft Out of Stock
114TS Bundle of 10 3 lb 7/16 in x 4 ft In Stock $14.65
167TS Bundle of 10 6 lb 5/8 in x 7 ft Out of Stock
166TS Bundle of 10 6 lb 5/8 in x 6 ft Out of Stock
115TS Bundle of 10 3 lb 7/16 in x 5 ft Out of Stock
206TS Bundle of 10 9 lb 3/4 in x 6 ft Out of Stock
208TS Bundle of 10 12 lb 3/4 in x 8 ft Out of Stock
84TS Bundle of 10 2 lb 3/8 in x 4 ft Out of Stock

Product Information

Product Features

  • Polyolefin coating provides a long lasting finish because of its resistance to agricultural chemicals and fertilizers
  • Smooth surface minimizes plant damage.
  • Heat sealed caps installed at both ends keep out moisture and eliminate any rusting.

Product Benefits

  • The Polyolefin coating and resistance to chemicals means stake will not rust, corrode, or crack offering a long service life
  • When the smooth surface means less plant damage, the result is healthier plants for optimum growth and reduced scarring.

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from ME

Large size is most useful


I use the large size to stabilize tomato cages and snap pea fences, to prevent them from toppling over in the strong winds we get here. Pushing them into soft garden soil is pretty easy, especially if I grip them below the center of the pole. I also use them to attach holographic tape over my high bush blueberries to scare birds, and for pole beans. Very sturdy and long-lasting, and while some smaller poles I've used bend and break, these large ones never have. Would be nice to have some brownish-gray colored ones, as I think they would be less noticeable than the green.

from PA

Excellent Produce


I purchased these from A.M. Leonard several years ago and plan on buying more. While it is true that the stakes cannot be "pounded" into the ground, I hammer a pilot hole with a two-foot piece of rebar. Problem solved. I have only used the 5/8" and 3/4" poles and have found them durable and dependable and their green color makes them less visible among my dahlias and other tall plants.

from OH

Last much longer than Bamboo


We bought Takiron Stakes to replace bamboo that had aged and started to break. They are much more durable, we are buying more this year!

from WV



Most wooden stakes after time usually either break or warp. Cannot ever rule out the "splinters" in your hand either. These coated stakes solve all these problems. One problem with them is you cannot pound the stakes in the ground with much force. They will bend and tear if this is done. I solve this problem by pushing them in the ground when the ground is soft, or if hard ground I start them by drilling a starter hole first. If one does not use force from the top to put them in the ground they should last for many years to come. I personally am quite thrilled I found them.

from PA

Tomato Stakes


I bought two packs of these last year. I like the lightness and size, which makes them easy to move from storage to garden. Would like to see some kind of contraption to fit over the top to pull them into the ground. Right now I use a tall man with a block of wood and a hammer - sometimes he hits too hard and they will bend. Sometimes my ties will slip down the pole, though not usually. All in all I like them over wood or PVC for durability. Also like the size choices.

from MO

Dependable product


Have used these for years; they are a good value. They last a long time, and are durable.

from TN



Last year I bought several packs of the long stakes to use as supports for my tomato plants. They are attractive in the garden, but several of them bent under the weight of the tomato plants.

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