Standard Bodacious RM Sweet Corn Seeds, 100 Count



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Full of flavor and exceptionally tender!

Standard Bodacious RM sweet corn has yellow kernels and the ears measure 8 inches long. Each ear contain around 16 kernels in a row. It reaches maturity in about 75 days. Approximately 2,800 seeds per pound. This packet contains 100 seeds.

Standard Bodacious RM Sweet Corn is a flavorful and exceptionally tender corn. The improved RM offers improved disease resistance, allowing this variety to tolerate maize dwarf virus, common rust, common smut, and Stewart's Wilt. This standard variety sets the standard for sweet corn.

Requires a germination temperature of 89F. Seeds germinate in about 5 to 7 days. Soil temperature must be at least 55F in order to germinate.