Helpful Tips for Spraying Deer Repellent

When is the best time to spray my flowers, shrubs, and trees?

  • There are three factors to remember about spraying: wind, temperature and water (rain/sprinklers).

  • Only spray when there is little or no wind.

  • Spray when temperatures are between 35°F and 90°F.

  • Plants must be dry and need at least 2 hours to dry. Once dry, the plants can get wet and rained on and the product will stay on the plants. It just needs to be able to dry first.

  • If you use a sprinkler to water your plants you will have to apply the deer-proofing product more often. The spray is designed to wear off over time.

What plants should I spray?

  • Summer: Hostas, Lillies, Sedum, Rose Bushes and any new buds on smaller trees and shrubs.

  • Late Summer: Hydrangea, Montauk Daisies and Phlox.

  • Winter: Arborviteas, Rhododendrons (all types), Euonymus, Yews (Taxus) and Hollies (except American Holly).

For more information on what plants are more deer resistant than others, visit the Rugers website or your state's extension website.

When should I spray?

  • Spring: New flower buds and new growth. Deer love lily buds and hosta more than any other plants during the spring and summer.

  • Summer: Spray every 4-6 weeks. If there is a lot of rain or you have a sprinkler system we suggest spraying every 2 weeks.

  • Winter: Spray every 6-8 weeks. Occasionally you may have to add spray if you see deer foraging.