Solo Hand Sprayer, 1 Liter



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Ideal for misting young, delicate seedlings.

This unique, one hand sprayer is easy to pump, fill and clean. Features a fully adjustable nozzle, a drip/drift guard and a hinged, multidirectional nozzle assembly. It is a great tool for watering newly started seeds so that you don't overwater. It can also be used to mist indoor plants to get them the humidity they need. Holds 1 liter.

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Holds 1 liter, or just over one quart. Pumps from the top. Good for liquids like Roundup that won't clog.


Product is covered by A.M. Leonard's one year warranty.

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from IN



My hand hurt from spraying a regular bottle so I bought this and loved it so much I bought another for spraying weeds. so easy to use.

from WA

Best handheld sprayer for seedling watering


I had been looking for a way to top-water surface sown seeds and seedlings for quite a while. Previously I had used ordinary, non-pressurized hand sprayer bottles but with lots of seedlings to water, my hand quickly got tired. And none of the watering cans I tried had a fine enough rose to not dislodge seeds or knock over seedlings. The Solo Handheld Sprayer provided a solution to these problems. It is easy to use and provides the perfect volume of water and gentle pressure to effectively water the seeds and seedlings without disturbing them. In combination with bottom-watering, it solved my problem!

from NY

A great sprayer, there are 2 quirks to watch for


I love this sprayer since I can hold it in one hand and spray while leaving the other hand free to move stuff. There are two quirks that you need to be aware of especially if you aren't spraying water with it - spaying product. 1. The sprayer "coasts" when you release the trigger. There is a slow 5 count before it stops spraying. There is also some drip from the narrow spray guard cup. So we use it with turf/spray marker dye to see where we are spraying. GE - BVD4 or AM Leonard TMBS for a gallon. 2. When you push the extended nozzle in there is product in the extension tube. So product squirts out. Therefore push the extension tube in over a non-critical area, like where you are spraying. 3. The spray guard is a narrow bell cup. You might want get from AM Leonard the Solo PRO SPOT GUARDS 49000626 which is a larger drift cup for the larger Solo sprayers. The narrow spray cup also makes it awkward especially with thick gloves on to adjust the spray pattern. But we use this as a "set the pattern and forget" sprayer. If I am going to need to adjust the spray pattern I use a larger sprayer and usually without the drift guard. Since Gardeners Edge and AM Leonard are the same company I didn't have to place two web orders - instead I called and they were able place my order for items from both sides.

from PA

A great small sprayer


I have tried a number of small (<1 gal.) sprayers and this one is by far the best. The fine mist it can produce is particularly good for misting seed starts and small seedlings.